Nelson & Coots


“John can take all your fears, anxieties and setbacks and address them one by one until you are confident that you are in good hands and know clearly he is doing his part and you are being given optimal guidance on which tasks comprise your part. Quite a skill and exceptional gift.”

-Marla and Craig, Eugene Oregon

“John Coots did a great job enabling me to both buy the house I now have and with the sale of my property. When I decided to sell my property I called John because of the great job he had done selling my mother’s house two yrs ago. I knew John is honest, helpful, good with communications, and respectful. I highly recommend John Coots.”

-Wende Hitchcock

“We will always use John Coots for any of our real estate needs. He has assisted now with both buying and selling real estate. John was great at keeping us apprised of what was going on and when, and was really there for anything we needed.”

-Michael J Houlihan

“John was with me every step of the way! I never felt out of the loop. Thanks to John, I always knew what was next. His prompt replies of emails and many texts were essential.

John has a very calming demeanor. It’s a fantastic trait to bring forth in what can be a very stressful, overwhelming experience.”

-Bre K Titone

“I wanted to take the time to let Berkshire know just how important having John Coots in my pocket has been for me. This is the third transaction we’ve completed with John. It has been particularly important for me to find someone like John because I often mistrust people and that mistrust is often amplified when it comes to business. I never had to question John’s integrity and never had to doubt the trust that have in him. Ok, perhaps that’s overstating. I doubt my husband from time to time because that is the type of person I am but it has know reflection on him.

John was kind, thoughtful, gracious, accepting, knowledgeable, and he always got the job done. Often putting life’s tumultuous moments in perspective. Love John and for that reason Berkshire Hathaway is the place to be!!”

-Thomas & Kerry Margaret Augustyniak

“John Coots is an amazing and dynamic real estate agent, his knowledge of building is unsurpassed, owing to years spent as a general contractor. I was very pleased with the service I received from John, and highly recommended him. The most important part of dealing with John is that he is a really nice guy, it has been a real pleasure working with him.

Sale went great, very smooth. I am impressed with the knowledge John Coots has about the current market trends. John helped us create a marketing strategy and helped us along the way to navigate our complex real estate market.

John Coots is very professional, he was always available to help, no matter what time of day or night. I think one of the most important aspects of choosing a real estate agent is finding someone who can negotiate well, and John is an ace when it comes to interacting with people. John is always polite and respectful and theses qualities really stand out when he is negotiating on your behalf.”

-Theodore Graham Shriro